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2023 National Heifer Show
Friday, July 21 2:00PM
Judge Tyler Reynolds

2023 Junior Champions

Junior Champion Sweet Wood Player Bliss, Peter Vail (Summer Yearling)
Reserve Junior Champion Vales-Pride Jazz Expression, Cadin Valentine (Fall Yearling)
Honorable Mention Kozy Country Gentleman Maple-ET, Glamourview Iager & Walton (Spring Calf)

2023 Junior Show Junior Champions
Junior Show Junior Champion Vales-Pride Jazz Expression, Cadin Valentine (Fall Yearling)
Reserve Junior Champion Locust-Spring Re Twist, Savannah Traverse (Winter Yearling)
Honorable Mention Junior Champion Heineman Smooth Criminal (Summer Yearling)
Spring Heifer Calves
  1.  Kozy Kountry Gentleman Maple-ET (Gentleman) Glamourview Iager & Walton, MD
  2.  Old-McDonald-JC Automatic (Autograph) Peter Vail, FL
  3. ​1st Junior Heineman Chrystal Light (Reagan) Esther Heineman, NY
  4. Sunny-Acres Stetson's Lady Di (Stetson) Gregory Evans, NY
  5. 2nd Junior On-The-Map Reynolds Daisy (Reynolds) Levi Wilcox, NY
  6. 3rd Junior Vales-Pride R Expo (Reynolds) Faithlynn Moore, MD

Winter Heifer Calves
  1.  Kozy Kountry Reagan Mojito-ET (Reagan) Kyle Bearor, VT
  2.  1st Junior Kountry-Ayr Reynolds Carlisle (Reynolds) Kale Hamker, OH
  3. ​Kozy Kountry Reagan Martini (Reagan) Glamourview Iager & Walton, MD
  4. Mile High Reagan Megan (Reagan) Peter Vail, FL
  5. Ayr-Ddiction Heart Attack (Pretzel) Margaret Brownell, NY
  6. Locust-Spring AG Princess (Autograph) Eric & Taylor Bogardus, NY

Fall Heifer Calves
  1.  1st Junior On-The-Map Ring JLo (Ringer) Ashton Wilcox, NY
  2.  Mile High Reagan X Factor (Reagan) Peter Vail, FL
  3. ​Budjon-Vail Reagan Rynolds Kiwi (Reynolds) Nicole Arrowsmith, PA
  4. Heineman Melios Charmer (Melios) Angela Fuller, NY
  5. 2nd Junior Jo-Mill Animate Outcome-ET (Animate) Peyton & Taylor Heeter, PA
  6. 3rd Junior Vale-High Predator Rosette (Predator)  Peyton Wright, NY

Summer Yearlings
  1.  Sweet Wood Player Bliss (Player) Peter Vail, FL
  2.  Kozy-Kountry Reagan Peaches (Reagan)  Cassie Clark,  PA
  3. ​Kozy-Kountry Reagan Paytyn Cassie & Paytyn Clark, PA
  4. SML Gypsy Rain (Ringer) SML Ayrshires, VT
  5. 1st Junior Heineman Smooth Criminal (Tuxedo) Eva Heineman, NY
  6. Mandacres Kingsire Lana (Kingsire) Amanda Licata, NY

Spring Yearlings
  1.  Blind Buck Valley Paprika (Reality) Retso Holsteins & Jablonski, NY
  2.  Jackson Hill Joan Jett (Tuxedo)  Jeff Atherton,  NY
  3. ​Maple-View's BKing Ruby (BKing) Matthew Sweeney, NY
  4. Old-Bankston JC Breezy (Tuxedo) SML Ayrshires, VT
  5. 1st Junior Jomill Melios Katerina (Melios)  Taylor Heeter, PA
  6. 2nd Junior On-The-Map Ringer Best Done Right (Ringer) Ashton & Levi Wilcox, NY

Winter Yearlings
  1.  SML Ring Beth Dutton (Ringer) SML Ayrshires,  VT
  2.  1st Junior Locust-Spring Re Twist (Redemption)  Savannah Traverse, NY
  3. ​Palmyra Ringer B Rosy (Ringer) Peter Vail, FL
  4. Jackson Hill Ringer Beemer (Ringer) Jeff Atherton, NY
  5. 2nd Junior Jomill Burdette Kalani (Burdette)  Taylor Heeter, PA
  6. Cedarcut Pred Crown Cougar Erin Curtis, NY

Fall Yearlings
  1.  1st Junior Vale-Pride Jazz Expression (Jazz) Cadin Valentine, MD
  2.  Heineman Tuxedo Sriracha (Tuxedo)  Peter Vail, FL
  3. ​Shocking Burdette Apple (Burdette) Shocking Genetics, PA
  4. Heineman Tuxedo Single Lady (Tuxedo)  Angela Fuller, NY
  5. Chaluka Reagan X Rated (Reagan) Hannah Riser, PA
  6. Miss PBR G String (Reagan)  Peter Vail, FL

Junior Best Three Females
  1.  Kozy Kountry Farm - Clark, PA
  2. Heineman - Angela Fuller, NY
  3. SML Ayrshires - Lori Benson, VT
  4. Locust-Spring Farm - Eric & Taylor Bogardus, NY
  5. Jomill Farm - Taylor Heeter, PA

2023 National Cow Show
Saturday, July 22 9:00AM
Judge Tyler Reynolds

Grand Champion Heineman Reagan Roz, Angela Fuller (Senior)
Reserve Grand Champion Sunny Acres Perfecters Silk, Gregory Evans (Reserve Senior)
Honorable Mention Heineman Kingsire Cold Brew, Angela Fuller (Intermediate)

Yearling Heifer in Milk
  1.  Sunny-Acres TSB Velvet (Burdette) Douglas Evans, NY

Summer Junior Two-Year Old
  1.  Ridale Shelton Monona (Shelton) Margaret Brownell, NY
  2.  Woodman-Farm Pentagone Mango (Pentagone) Tyler Woodman, MA
  3. ​ Shaker Hollow Earl's Houston (Earl) Bridey Nolan, NY

Junior Two-Year Old
  1.  Heineman Tuxedo Buzzarini (Tuxedo) Angela Fuller, NY
  2.  Heineman Tuxedo Chaos (Tuxedo) Esther Heineman, NY
  3. Shultz Reagan Fantasy (Reagan) Karlie Supplee, PA
  4. Sunny-Acres KS Karmel (Kingsire) Gregory Evans, NY
  5. Jackson-Hill Beguiled Cherry (Beguiled) Jeff Atherton, NY
  6.  Woodman-Farm Dempsey Jami (Dempsey) Tyler Woodman, MA

Senior Two-Year Old
  1.  Coulee-Crest Kingsire Courtney (Kingsire) Peter Vail, NY
  2.  Blackstone R Vengeance ET (Reagan) Peter Vail, NY
  3.  Jomill Burdette Kalypso ET (Burdette) Taylor Heeter, PA
  4.  Sunny Acres Reagans Kalico (Reagan) Gregory Evans, NY
  5.  Scapeland K Sunday (Kingsire) Michael Maloney, NY
  6.  (1st Junior) Englan B Dicing (Burdette) Bailey Wright, NY

Junior Three-Year Old
  1.  Grand View Tuxedo Damita (Tuxedo) Diana & Mary Lou Parker and Greg Evans, NY
  2.  Heineman Kingsire Cadbury (Kingsire) Eva Heineman, NY
  3.  Locust-Spring Perfect Elusive (Perfecta) Eric & Taylor Bogardus, NY
  4.  (1st Junior) Champlin-Arlig Dina's Dani ET (Reagan Ashton and Levi Wilcox, NY

Senior Three-Year Old
  1.  Heineman Kingsire Cold Brew (Kingsire) Angela Fuller, NY
  2.  Chaluka Burdette Xana ET (Burdette) Peter Vail, NY
  3.  Old-Banskton-JC LL Ravish ET (Lochinvar) Peter Vail, NY
  4.  Lazy M Gentle Myra (Gentleman) Diana & Mary Lou Parker, NY
  5.  Grand-View Gentle Blues (Gentleman) Sweet Wood Ayrshires Woodman/Parker, MA
  6.  (1st Junior) Locust-Spring KS Kenzie (Kingsire) Tyler Lloyd, NY

Intermediate Champion Heineman Kingsire Cold Brew, Angela Fuller (Senior Three-Year Old)
Reserve Intermediate Champion Chaluka Burdette Xana ET, Peter Vail (2nd Senior Three-Year Old)
Honorable Mention Heineman Tuxedo Buzzarini, Angela Fuller (Junior Two-Year Old)

Junior Show Intermediate Champion Heineman Tuxedo Chaos, Esther Heineman (Junior Two-Year Old)
Reserve Intermediate Champion Jomill Burdette Kalypson ET, Taylor Heeter (Senior Two-Year Old)
Honorable Mention Englan B Dicing, Bailey Wright (2nd Senior Two-Year Old)

Four-Year Old
  1.  Heineman Reagan Roz (Reagan) Angela Fuller, NY
  2.  Sunny Acres Perfecters Silk (Perfecter) Gregory Evans, NY
  3.  Sunny Acres TSB Lady Gaga (Burdette) Douglas Evans, NY
  4.  Sunny Acres TSB Prose ET (Burdette) Sunny Acres & Locust Spring, NY
  5.  Palmyra Reagan BR Blush (Reagan) Peter Vail, NY
  6.  Belleroute Barrel Aimo ET (Barrel) Shocking Genetics, PA

Five-Year Old
  1.  Locust-Spring VK Svetlana (Vicking) Eric & Taylor Bogardus, NY
  2.  Shaker Hollow Reagan Austin (Reagan) Bridey Nolan, NY

Aged Cow
  1.  Old-N-Lazy March Madness ET (Gentleman) Peter Vail, NY
  2.  Old-Bankston-LB Chrystal ET (Gentleman) Angela Fuller & Kelly Wilcox, NY
  3.  Sunny Acres Perfecter Kirby (Perfecter) Sunny Acres, NY
  4.  Locust-Spring Perfecta Twist (Perfecta) Eric & Taylor Bogardus, NY
  5.  Shaker Hollow DBL Barl Elysia Bridey Nolan & Keenan Thygesen, NY

Lifetime Component Cow
  1.  Yellow Briar Burdette Panama (Burdette) Peter Vail, NY

Junior Show Senior Champion Jackson-Hill Champ Balboa, Ashton & Levi Wilcox (Four-Year Old)
Reserve Senior Champion Cedarcut Reagan Crown Carmen, Megan Klossner (2nd Four-Year Old)
Honorable Mention Shaker Hollow DBL Barl Elysia, Bridey Nolan & Keenan Thygesen (Aged Cow)

Junior Show Grand Champion Heineman Tuxedo Chaos, Esther Heineman (Intermediate)
Reserve Grand Champion Jomill Burdette Kalypson ET, Taylor Heeter (Reserve Intermediate)
Honorable Mention Jackson-Hill Champ Balboa, Ashton & Levi Wilcox (Senior)

Senior Champion Heineman Reagan Roz, Angela Fuller (Four-Year Old)
Reserve Senior Champion Sunny Acres Perfecters Silk, Gregory Evans (2nd Four-Year Old)
Honorable Mention Old-N-Lazy March Madness, Peter Vail (Aged Cow)

Dam Daughter
  1. Mile High Genetics - Peter Vail, NY
  2. Vail, Woodman, & Parker, NY
  3. Heineman - Angela Fuller, NY
  4. Evans & Parker, NY
  5. Shocking Genetics, PA

Senior Best Three Females
  1. Heineman - Angela Fuller, NY
  2. Sunny Acres - The Evan's Family, NY
  3. Locust-Spring Farm - Eric & Taylor Bogardus, NY

Exhibitor's Herd
  1. Heineman - Angela Fuller, NY
  2. Mile High Genetics - Peter Vail, NY
  3. Sunny Acres - The Evan's Family
  4. Shocking Genetics, PA

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